One Page Financail Plan
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What Makes Us Different?
We Plan First - Select Investments Last


We Plan First You Need to have a Plan that focuses you on your ability to Save for Retirement before you address how your savings will be invested. How much you are able to SAVE depends on what you EARN and what you SPEND. On-line Planning Software and Retirement Calculators do not give you the tools to develop an accurate Retirement Plan. They move too quickly to the question of how your assets are allocated.The results could be disastrous! The One Page Retirement System helps you develop a solid Retirement Plan from which you can build a strong investment program.     Read more...
Determine Your
"Hurdle Rate"
What is a "Hurdle Rate? In developing your plan we use historical averages for your expected Rate of Return (ROI) on your Investment accounts. Once we have a "Good" plan with these expected ROI's we gradually reduce the ROI percentages to determine the minimum Rate of Return (ROI) needed to make your plan successful. We call this your "Hurdle Rate". That is, the minimum Rate of Return (ROI) that your investments need to meet or exceed in order to make your plan successful. It is then, and only then, that we move on to the issue of how to get that ROI.     Read more...
Your Risk Profile
There are a lot of emotions that come into play when dealing with investment risks. What may be a good investment plan on paper may not be good for you. You have to first understand, and second be comfortable with, the risks that may be taken to generate the returns you think you need. We have a system to help you assess the level of risk you are willing to take and then directly apply that to your asset allocation model.     Read more...
Plan your
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation is basically determining your mix of Stocks vs. Bonds, and is based on three things:
  • The Rate of Return you need - Your "Hurdle Rate".
  • Your Risk Tolerance - It tells you the most you should have in Stocks.
  • The Expected Rates of Return for Stocks and Bonds - which is a combination of historic returns as well as the current level of Interest Rates.
The One Page Retirement Planning System integrates these three factors to arrive at an Asset Allocation tailored to your specific needs and risk profile.     Read more...
In our book "A Professional's Complete Guide for Building and Implementing Your Own Retirement Plan" we devote six chapters to selecting your investment portfolio describing the advantages and risks associated with various investments and investment strategies. We have a suggested Stock portfolio along with bond investment guidelines to deal with the current interest rate environment.     Read more...
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